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Night Tower Poster

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Item unavailable.

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6 x 18 digital art poster of a lookout tower at night, suitable for framing.

Uniquely printed at 3:1 ratio, this a night-time variant poster of the original Firewatch key art, illustrated by Olly Moss.  I don't think any key-art has been more universally borrowed by other brands, blogs, sites and knockoff apparel companies, which is to say it's very good and very worth stealing. Although, I'll be honest, I'd prefer you buy this one from us because it's very well made!

Looking for more posters? We offer both the Aspen Grove and Lookout Poster.

We work with a company called Watermark Press here in San Francisco for all of our digital and offset print work (this is digital). They match our colors perfectly, get us the exact paper we want and put up with all of our persnickety attention to detail. Plus, they do the job for a good price which means we can offer you these at fifteen dollars!

Printed in San Francisco, CA.

Shipped in a protective mailing tube.

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