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Firewatch Sticker Pack

Item unavailable.
Item unavailable.
Six (two of each design) high-quality vinyl stickers that would look great on the side of a canteen, stuck to the inside of a cabin window or the lid of your latrine/laptop computer.

It's tough to get hyped about stickers. But, if you're in the market for stickers, you want them to do one thing really well (stick) and some other things moderately well (hold up to weather, not lose their color, impress folks in-the-know about whatever it is you've stuck) and I can say that all of these, made for us by the folks at Sticker Mule, do all of those things quite well.

I put a Firewatch badge on all of my helmets (I have three helmets, two motorcycle, on bicycle). You could put them on all of your laptops; that's a popular choice, or in the window of your camper van. I have to say, if I was pedaling through a campground and saw a Volkswagen Westfalia camper van with a Forrest Byrnes sticker in the window, I'd just about have kittens.

Firewatch Badge Sticker - 3"x 3"

Forrest Byrnes Sticker - 2"x 2"

Radio Sticker - 1" x 3" 

Sizes are approximate. Stickiness and stylishness are certainly not.

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