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Crime By The Numbers Notebook Pack

Add to Cart $ 25
Add to Cart $ 25
Now is your chance to own all ten of Richard Sturgeon's decalogue of thrills in notebook form. Blank, dot-grid paper on the inside, but recreated with all of the detail of the Crime By The Numbers series of books from the video game Firewatch.

We're big fans of Field Notes; the small, ultra collectible notebooks you'll find in any modern shop right next to a hatchet or Tanner Goods leather products. And it turns out the folks over there were fans of Firewatch, so Cabel Sasser of Panic did what does best, which is connect people who make things with other people who make things, and they gave us the number of the folks who make their notebooks. A few hundred emails and proofs later, voila, we have the Crime By Numbers Notebook Pack, each illustrated by Olly Moss, each with their own back-of-book copy by myself (Sean Vanaman). 

Whenever I get fancy notebooks I find it very difficult to actually write in them. I've got loads of notebooks of all shapes and sizes and I have a bit of performance anxiety whenever I think of taking a pen to one of them. "Is this going to my 'game ideas' notebook?" "Maybe this one is for, like, ideas, and this other one is for like the actual good ideas. Yeah, yeah, that'll work."

What I'm left with is a bunch of beautiful notebooks with a few pages of scratches in them. I'd love to be the type of person who fills up a notebook and then puts them on the shelf where I build a chock-full archive of all my very good ideas. I'm not that person.

Maybe you are! Maybe you aren't! Maybe you haven't thought about it so much and just like odd collectibles from your favorite video games. Well, then these are for you.

10 - 5.5" x 3.3" notebooks in box, dot grid paper

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